Home Testing

Is the Home Sleep Test for Anyone?

The Home Sleep Test is available for those patients who are mostly healthy and active yet suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) symptoms.

What to Expect with Your Home Sleep Test

Step 1: We’ll call you to schedule the delivery of our test kit (plan 2-3 days for delivery). Please have this information available when we call:

    • Your address
    • Your date of birth
    • Your current height and weight
    • Your current insurance information

Step 2: Once you’ve received the kit, follow your normal evening routines so that you get a typical night of sleep.

Step 3: After the Home Sleep Test, complete the included forms and return the kit using the prepaid packaging. Mail it from any US Postal Service outgoing mailbox.

Step 4: Once the device is received at our office, our board certified sleep physician will be able to process your data and will issue a report to your physician. You will then be able to discuss your report with your physician.

Typical Treatment

After most Home Sleep Tests, the patient will begin treatment with CPAP or BiPAP, our number one course of action in treatment.

Homebound Patients

Initial testing for homebound patients can be done with the Home Sleep Test. If the patient’s results prove positive, the next test (PSG Titration) must be done within the lab. Click here to locate the lab nearest you.

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